High Protein Chocolate Cheeseless Cheesecake

Looking for a high protein breakfast option outside of your standard omelette? Maybe you’re needing a pre or post workout snack? Looking no further! This is a perfect morning breakfast treat or pre/post workout snack you can take on the move. 

Ingredients – 

  • 2 wheetabix
  • 100ml of semi skimmed milk
  • 100g fat free Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 1 tbsp of cacoa powder
  • 20g whey protein
  • 1 tsp of cacoa nibs (optional)


  • Crush the wheetabix up and place in a jar or similar container.
  • Add the milk and ensure it’s fully mixed up evenly. Pat down flat
  • Combine yogurt, honey and cacoa, mixing thoroughly and evenly
  • Add protein powder to the yogurt mixture and fold in, mixing till even consistency
  • Add to the wheetabix and top with cacoa nibs. Leave in the fridge overnight and you’re away.

Total calories: 410

Performance Chocolate Protein Pancakes

These little beauties are a super simple one to cook up and take on the move with you. They’re a great pre or post workout snack with decent macronutrient split of carbohydrate, fat and protein all included.


1 x medium banana 

 1 x medium eggs 

2 x tsp of cacoa or coco powder

1 x tsp of honey

1 x scoop / 30g whey protein 

1/4 spoon of baking powder

1 x tsp coconut oil (for cooking)


  • Blend eggs, honey & banana in food processor (or mash with fork)
  • Add cacoa, protein and baking powder, again blending or stirring in
  • Melt coconut oil in frying pan and scoop out around a palm size of mixture
  • Cool on low heat around 1/2 minutes each side
  • Serve hot or cold for a pre or post gym snack

Total calories: 445kcal

Banging Baked Oats

This is a super tasty breakfast option that brings a little variety to the standard porridge. We’ve got all your macronutrient needs covered with adequate amounts protein, carbohydrates and fats. 

Adding an additional source of carbohydrates makes it a great pre workout meal also if you have a more strenuous training session planned. I’ll include calorie calculations with and without the banana. 

If you’re not having to be too regimented with your calories, I’d also recommend getting a little creative and try including different berries, seeds and nuts for example. 


  • 45g plain unprocessed oats
  • 90ml of semi skimmed milk
  • 25g scoop of whey protein (or protein source of choice, note possible variations in calories)
  • 1 tbsp of unsweetened peanut butter
  • 1 medium banana (optional)
  • Pinch of sea salt


  • Preheat oven to 170 degrees
  • If using banana, mash it using fork or processor and combine it with oats in an oven proof bowl
  • Add milk, protein & salt. Stir ingredients till there’s an even consistency
  • Make small well in the middle of the mixture and add peanut but before covering back over with the oats mixture
  • Allow to heat for 15 minutes, allow to stand, cool down and enjoy!

Calories (without banana) 417kcal

Calories (with medium banana) 522kcal

Herby Turkey – Under 500kcal easy evening meal

So this is a super affordable, nutritious and (importantly!), quick throw together meal for lunch or dinner. The recipe is for two portions so great for dinner and a then a portion for lunch the following day, unless your significant other is also feeling peckish!

Turkey is a mean source of lean protein that although can dry out if you’re not careful, it does make a change from chicken.

I’ve calculated the calories for this meal using the 250g whole grain rice & quinoa quick cook pack I bought from Aldi, a supermarket chain in the UK, so you may need to make adjustments. For the rice part of the dish though you’re looking for around the 200kcal mark.

It’s always important to be mindful though that it can be very difficult to calculate calories exactly and not always helpful to try. For this meal though you have a pretty accurate figure here that one serving will be between 450-500kcal, as long as you exercise portion control!

Ingredients (2 portions)

– 2 x turkey steaks – cut into roughly even pieces

– 1 x tin of chopped tomatoes

– 1 x medium onion – diced

– 1 x handful of rocket or spinach

– 1 x tbsp of mixed herbs

– 2 x tbsp of half fat crème fresh

– 1 x tsp of oil

– 1 x 250g microwave pack of whole grain rice or quinoa (or alternative pack/ 75-100g dry rice depending on rice type)

2 portions – 470kcal per serving


  • Heat the oil on a low to medium heat, adding the onions and sautéing them till translucent
  • Add the turkey pieces and stir until lightly browned (3/5 mins)
  • Add chopped tomatoes & spices, stirring thoroughly
  • Add the crème fresh and continue to stir on low heat for 5 minutes
  • Add rocket or spinach and continue to heat for 2-3 minutes
  • Meanwhile heat the rice in line with pack instructions. Now combine cooked rice with turkey & tomatoes in mixing bowl, separate two portions, serve and enjoy! 👌