Cheap eat nutrition # 6 Paleo/Gluten Free/low carb/high (healthy) fat – quick, easy and on a budget

Turnip Chips

Right then, let’s get back on track after our collective Christmas carb comas..

What we have here is an absolutely perfect substitute to that family fave – chips! (Or fries for my American cousins). I’m a firm believer that comfort food needs to stay on the menu on any healthy eating lifestyle, it’s just best to make that comfort food at home!

These chips have a lower carb content and lower starch content than the humble spud so won’t spike the blood sugars in the same way. Also they taste awesome!

So, here’s what you need –


– 1 turnip 

– 2 tble spoons of Goose fat, (this is a saturated fat that will stay stable at high heats as opposed to unsaturated alternatives).

– 1 tsp of both oregano and chilli flakes 

– pinch of salt & pepper


– Wash and peal Turnip

– Quarter the turnip and slice into slim chips

– Place chips in bowel, adding goose fat, salt, pepper and spices. Now mix with spoon and toss contents till oil and spices are evenly distributed on the chips.

– Place in oven proof bowel of till foil covered rack in pre heated oven (220/230). 

– cook for 20/30 minutes, turning once half way through.

– Remove and allow to cool for a few minutes, serve and enjoy! 👍😎

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