Cheap Eat Nutrition # 18 – low carb/paleo/keto/gluten free and affordably inspired – Coconut milk & Cocoa nib Chia seed pot

Cheap, nutritious and simple, welcome to the cheap eat nutrition recipe collection. Named after the popular Instagram page, these recipes aim to bring you a selection of delicious food options minus the excess sugar, processed carbohydrates and industrial seed oils. 

Today we’ve got a really simple snack for you that can be customised to your individual liking. The Chia seed pot with coconut milk.

Chia seeds are a great source of polyunsaturated fat, particularly the omega 3 fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid (ALA). There is also a good fibre content. 

Please be mindful that the jury on chia seeds as a staple in the diet is still out. There are a huge amount of nutrients which I haven’t mentioned that are contained within them. 

However, there is some research that points to chia seeds having a high concentration of anti nutrients which essentially effects the body’s absorption of much of the nutrient content. One study did suggest that a 50g a day portion of chia seeds over a 12 week period raised bio markers of inflammation in the body. In conclusion though, this is still a solid snack that will deliver a low carb and healthy fat punch. Just don’t become over reliant on chia seeds for your omega 3 intake. 


– 4 tble spns of Chia Seeds
– coconut milk (enough to cover the seeds by two thirds)
– 1 tble spoon of cocoa nibs
– 1 – 2 heaped tsps of almond butter (option)

– Place seeds in a small, preferably sealable pot. Alternatively, a kitchen or jam jar
– Cover the seeds with the coconut milk and stir thoroughly until all the seeds are mixed separately
– Cover and leave in fridge over night
– Stir in cocoa nibs and almond butter. Relax and enjoy! 

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