Cheap Eat Nutrition # 19 – low carb/paleo/keto/gluten free and affordably inspired – Hot & Sticky Chicken Wings

Welcome to cheap eat nutrition recipe ideas! These are affordable nutritious recipes that are grain & gluten free, healthy for the gut microbes and contain a healthy dose of fat. You can find various cheap eat dishes and ideas on the Instagram page; . 

So today’s recipe is for spicy sticky chicken wings. As all will know, buying organic free range meat & poultry is expensive, chicken wings are however an affordable addition as opposed to the more popular breast meat. They have the additional nutritional extra of the skins, (providing a healthy source of fat and collagen) as well as being left with bones that can be put towards a nutritious bone broth, (see previous post for recipe and info )


(Serves 2)

– 1 pack of chicken wings

– 1 tsp ginger

– 1 tsp chilli flakes 

– 1 tsp paprika 

– 1 heaped tble spoon of coconut oil 


– Place coconut oil in pan and heat on low setting until liquid

– Add spices and stir together combining ingredients into a glaze

– Place chicken wings in heat proof dish drizzle glaze over wings 

– Massage glaze into individual chicken wings

– If time allows, cover wings and place wings in fridge to marinate for a few hours 

– Place wings in oven at 180 Celsius and cook for 20/25 mins

– Allow to cool for 5 mins, serve and enjoy! 

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