Cheap Eat Nutrition # 23 – Nutritious whole foods, paleo & keto friendly  – Bacon & Brussel Sprouts 

Welcome Back to the cheap eat nutrition recipe series! These recipes aim to offer nutritious and affordable tasty options that are affordable. The ethos here is purely that nutrition should be something that is open and accessible to all.

So today’s recipe centres on the Christmas dinner table terror, the humble Brussel sprout. If like me, the mere thought of a over boiled, mushy sprout leaves you with tingling fears of dread, fear not, change is coming..

Brussel sprouts are a member of the cruciferous vegetable family and as such, are absolute power houses of nutrition. Have a read here of a previous blog post I did about these superstar veg;

Ok, let’s crack on. Sprouts and bacon is an extremely tasty and nutritious side or meal in its own right. The bacon and butter offer a sustaining and healthy portion of fat and protein, whilst the onions and sprouts are bursting with fiber and various micronutrients. So in short this meal will not spike your blood sugars or bloat you out but will provide energy and satisfy a hungry tummy.

Total preparation for this one is around 25 minutes. 


(Serves 1 – 2)

– 200g Brussel sprouts 

– 4 rashes of bacon 

– 1 onion 

– 1 tsp. of thyme

– 2 tablespoons of butter

– Salt & Pepper to flavour 


– Wash, peal and halve the sprouts 

– Chop onion up into small pieces 

– Gently heat 1 tablespoons of butter into skillet until melted

– Add bacon and cook until brown. Remove from pan, chop into small rough pieces and set aside

– Without removing any of the melted butter or bacon fat, add other tablespoon of butter to pan and melt

– Add chopped onions and sprouts to the low – medium heat. Cook until sprouts are golden brown. 

– Add bacon and thyme, tossing and mixing the ingredients 

– Add salt & pepper for flavour and serve immediately! 

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