Cheap Eat Nutrition # 28 – Nutritious whole foods on a budget – Pumpkin  Pancakes 

Welcome once again to the cheap eat recipe series! As ever our aim is to provide cost effective, simple and nutritional options that have whole foods as their core ingredients.

Today’s recipe is a super tasty weekend (or any other day for that matter) breakfast option. I present the pumpkin pancake! Although we’re past Halloween, this continues to be a go to for me all year round. It’s low in carbohydrate, incredibly satisfying and won’t cause high blood sugar spikes. 

I just wanted to add I recognise canned pumpkin isn’t exactly super cheap and this recipe does have a few ingredients that can add up. However, I believe when it comes together, it is a treat worth treating yourself to. 


(Served 2)

– 4 eggs 

– Half can of puréed pumpkin 

– 1 tsp of vanilla extract 

– 1 tsp of Ceylon cinnamon 

– 1 tsp of honey (optional/can be switched with tble spoon of maple syrup)

– 1/4 tsp of baking soda

– 2 tble spoon of butter 

– 1 heaped tsp of coconut oil (for cooking) 


– Whisk eggs and pumpkin together thoroughly in bowel

– Melt the butter and honey (if using) separately. Combine them into pancake mixture along with tsp of vanilla extract 

– Sift cinnamon and baking soda into recipe and whisk mixture thoroughly 

– Melt coconut oil into shallow frying pan on a low heat. Scoop out palm sized portions of mixture into hot pan once oil has melted.

– Allow pancake to heat until small bubbles are seen coming through the mixture. Now flip and cook for roughly two minutes on the the other side.

– Serve and enjoy with a side of full fat Greek yogurt and some homemade nut butter;

I hope you’ve enjoyed another cheap eat nutrition recipe, please comment and share. Till next time! 

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