Cheap Eat Nutrition # 31 – Nutritious whole foods on a budget – Rosemary & Mustard Baked Gammon

Welcome a back one and all to the rather tasty yet also rather affordable cheap eat nutrition recipe ideas. As ever, my job is to bring you an affordable, tasty and pretty easy to assemble treat for your taste buds. Today’s treat, rosemary and mustard gammon!

This little topping extraordinaire is particularly keto friendly. It can however have the cream switched for coconut cream, if paleo is your bag or you’re dairy intolerant. 

Although this this recipe is ideal with gammon, it is also perfect with other red meats such as stakes, pork and beef joints. 


– 4 tble spoons of mustard

– 4 tble spoons of full fat cream

– 1 tsp of minced garlic

– 1 tsp of rosemary 

– 1/2 tsp of pepper

– 1 joint of gammon 


1. Place joint in preheated oven and following the cooking instructions. 

2. Combine mustard and cream, mix thoroughly together. 

3. Mix together dry ingredients and garlic. Add to mustard & cream, stirring thoroughly. 

4. Remove gammon 20 minutes prior to its allocated finish time. 

5. Using the back of a tble spoon, cover the joint evenly in the mixture. Replace in oven and allow to cook for the remaining 20 minutes  

Well happy cooking folks, please drop a comment and a like if you like! Till next time. 

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