What the experts say – the 2 minute read – Choosing the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mushrooms

And welcome back to the ‘what the experts say’ series! As before, this is a short little post with a couple of fact bombs from those in the know.

Right, today I’ve got two tip bits for you. The first is from Mr Max Lugavere. Max has written a quite excellent book called ‘Genius Foods’. This is packed full with how to protect and nurture the important bit in your swede.

The second tip comes from Tero Isokauppila. This famous Finn is the genius behind Four Stigmatic mushroom coffee. Depending on your choice, this stuff will switch you on like nothing else, keep you firing all day or put you out like a baby. What this dude don’t know about fungi, literally ain’t worth knowing.

Expert tip 1.

Oleocanthal is the phenol (plant compound) within extra virgin olive oil that does incredibly good things for your brain such as reducing low level inflammation. Oleocanthal gives a peppery taste, the stronger the taste, the stronger the health effects. Therefore you should literally cough on good extra virgin olive oil if sampling before you buy.

On a side note for purchasing good extra virgin olive oil by the way, (and this isn’t via Max), look to purchase oil in a dark bottle, from a single origin and with a ‘bottled on’ date. Oh yeah, and store in a dark cupboard.

Expert tip 2.

Mushrooms act like parasites, (don’t be put off!), and as such need things to eat to live, like animals and humans do. This is opposed to plants which use photosynthesis to create energy and grow.

Mushrooms exist symbiotically when growing. They can eat organic or non organic material they come into contact with and act like cleaners of the forrest. For example oyster mushrooms can clean up oil, one species found in the amazon can feed on plastic and others even feed on radiation!

For this reason it’s important to know where your mushrooms have come from, and even more so, to ensure your eating organic. This is as mushrooms will feed on pesticides and unknowingly, could well pass them on to you. Buy organic!

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