What the experts say – the 2 minute read – nutritional choices for exercise recovery

Alrighty, welcome to the super sharp pro tips 2 minute read! As ever, these are some bite size morsels that come straight from the horses mouth,(so to speak).

Today’s pro tips are in regards to using a couple of nutrition hacks to get the best out of your recovery from exercise. We’ve got 3 lovely little tip bits for you today, so enjoy and go forth and improve your athletic performance!

The first two tips are from biohacker extrodinaire, Mr Ben Greenfield. I’ve spoken about him in the previous professional tips post so have a look for a tad more info. Saying that, here’s a pro tip via me; check his podcast series and interviews in Joe Rogan’s JRE podcast. Now.

1. Be mindful of the blunting hormone response post exercise of antioxidants, this is particularly true of high amounts of vitamin C or A. The antioxidant profile of coffee however is very similar to green tea polyphenols, which do not blunt the hormedic response to exercise! For instance, research shows coffee post workout enhances glycogen restoration into your body, if consuming a meal.

2. Needing recovery during the workout? You could do far worse than start swapping out your daily mineral water with Pellegrino sparkling water. This is a good source (and Pellegrino the highest source) or sodium bicarbonate, which buffers lactic acid build up during heavy workouts. Taking straight backing soda to achieve this often causes gut distress, so this is a good way to progressively load throughout the day prior to an evening workout.

Ok, last tip is from one of the sleep masters, mr Nick Littlehales. Nick is the leading elite sport sleep coach to the biggest names in the sporting world, including British Cycling and Team Sky’s recording-breaking cyclists, top Premiership and international football clubs, including doing extensive work with the treble winning 1999 Manchester Utd team.

Although we’ll revisit some sleep tips in a later post, try this for recovery;

1. Nick recommends in his excellent book Sleep, Montmorency tart cherries for recovery from exercise. They can also increase melatonin, the natural sleep hormone produced when you’re ready to nod off. Sleep is of course probably one of the single biggest factors to aiding recovery.

Alrighty, there we have it. 3 tips to nutritionally aid your recovery. Till next time.

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