What the experts say – the 2 minute read – tips for creativity, learning & organising

Welcome back to what the experts say! Today’s pro tips are for getting the swede firing in all cylinders regarding creativity, learning and organising. We’ve got a cheeky little 3 tip special from 2 mighty fine experts.

First off, couple’a pro tips coming up from Jim Kwick; memory extraordinaire. This guy’s back story is simply stunning. Went from actually being labelled ‘the boy with the broken brain’ at school, to literally being able to remember every name in the room with an aduience of 100 plus. He’s got a short and awesome podcast, and also makes his way round a few more as a guest.

Jim specialises in everything brain power related;

1. If you are seeking some creativity for a project or are feeling stuck, simply have a shower. The calming and being present in the moment effect that a shower can bring puts your brain into the theta state. Theta state is a frequency of the brainwaves, and there’s a number of others including; delta, alpha, beta and gamma. Theta brain waves are those created in a relaxed or meditation state, but are also the best brain state for creative thinking.

2. Wanting to increase your capacity to learn and be smarter? Try learning new physical activities. Your brain’s primary role is to move the body, so by improving your movement patterns you increase your capacity for all learning. Or in a simpler context, if you’re having a block when studying or learning, get up and move around.

Next tip is fromMr Aubrey Marcus. CEO of Onnit, perineal Joe Rogan podcast guest, phycadelic explorer and author of the bio hacking handbook – own the day. Aubrey gives an absolute sh*t ton of tips, tricks and hacks to fully optimise your life or quite simply, own the day. Here’s one planning;

1. Research suggests you can only hold three to four things in your working memory at a time. Therefore, whether planning for the micro or the macro, to keep focused and on task, ensure your plans or to do lists only consist of maximum 4 items. This will help ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Hope you enjoyed, till next time, thanks for reading!

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