What the experts say – the 2 minute read – Food Choices to Make You Healthier

Welcome back to the ‘what the experts say’ series. These short two minute reads bring you two, three or four easy to implement tips via some of the leading lights in the health and wellness space.

Ok ok, I get it, another ‘healthy foods’ post. Maybe I should just post up a picture of broccoli and a kale chip and be done with it. Well, this one be a tad different, I swear.

Today’s tips are a couple of little known choices to improve health, longevity and even, managing a hangover! So hold onto your hats for a mighty informative two minute read of what the experts say

Right, so first hot tip is bought via the primal movement founder, Mr Mark Sisson. This tip is particularly good for those following a low carbohydrate or paleo/primal style eating plan.

Resistant starches are a good form of prebiotic, feeding the healthy microbes in our gut that aid digestion, immune function and even mental health. Raw potato starch & green bananas are both good sources for resistant starch.

Another good form of resistant starch is cooled white rice and cooled white potatoes. They are good also as the molecular structure of the carbohydrates they contain becomes indigestible as they cool and forms as the resistant starch.

To double the potency of these forms, try reheating & re-cooling for the potatoes. Be warned though, don’t heat starch or green bananas, as this will make the starches become digestible carbohydrates, and as such, spike your insulin.

Next tip is via Greg Potter, a researcher and guest of the biohacker podcast. To aid with weight loss, try to increase your brown fact activation. Aside from cold showers, look to get spicy. The Capsaicin in red pepper is the perfect enabler to activate that there brown fat.

Number three tip. This ones bought via the clever minds at Caveman Coffee. We’ve all heard of the health properties that are now being linked to coffee, but, there seems to be a trade off. When choosing, look for a lighter roast coffee for being higher in caffeine but a darker roast for having a higher antioxidant count.

Lastly, but by no means least.. (and of course as promised!) Onnit head honcho Aubrey Marcus recommends a green tea for a hangover. The l theanine content of green tea mimics the neurotransmitter GABA, which boosts mood and can have a calming, relaxing effect.

Alcohol consumption produces more GABA, which results in the brain over producing the neurotransmitter glutamate to compensate come the morning once your GABA stores are depleted. This over production of glutamate can lead to headaches, feeling grouchy and not at your finest.

Alright, so hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little something. Till next time!

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