How to Review your Goals – 2 minute read

Right, so this is maybe a few days late but I wanted to present a format from which you can review the year. These questions are taken from the great Ryan Munsey’s book; F**k Your Feelings, which is an absolute game changer in my opinion.

Although new year is always a pretty fitting time to review and set goals, these questions can be used at anytime to make positive changes.

Take some time to thoroughly and meaningfully go through the below list. Reflect and try and be as honest as you can..

– what results are you happy with?

– what results are you not happy with?

– what results would you like to be getting?

– what changes can you make in your time to get more of the results you desire?

– how are you holding yourself back?

– what would you do if you new you could not fail?

– what is the fear?

– what ruts are you in because of preference for comfort?

– how is comfort crushing my drive / motivation?

– where can you seek discomfort?

Ok, hopefully this has helped and can be a point of reference for future planning. On closing I’ll just leave this pretty potent statement that Ryan refers back to in his book on a number of occasions:

“Your life is perfectly designed for the results you’re currently getting”

Till next time.

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