What is an Adaptogen? 2 Minute Read

Welcome back to the What Supp Blog, the one stop shop for total human optimisation! So today’s post is just a brief and simple one. People of the world, I give you.. the adaptogen.

Adaptogens are a unique class of healing plants: They help balance, restore and protect the body. Adaptogens are herbs and fungi that help your body to adapt and I’ll go on to list some of the common ones below. Firstly though let’s break down what makes an adaptogen what it is. Most importantly they help your body deal with stress so you can swap being stressed, tiered and overworked for:

• Restored balance

• Energy

• Resilience to occasional stress

Adaptogens help the body’s own ability to heal. There are 3 rules that an adaptogen must adhere to to be classified as such. These are;

1. It must be safe in normal doses and not addictive, (for example, the opposite of how coffee works!).

2. It’s none specific and as such, works multiple body parts.

3. It has the ability to modelate, meaning it enhances. An adaptogen is not inherently a stimulant and not inherently a sedative or suppressant.

Right, so there are the 3 essential components, here are some examples of adaptogens you can purchase when your out and about:

– Panax Ginseng

– Holy Basil

– Ashwagandha

– Astragalus root

– Licorice root

– Rhodiola

– Cordycep mushrooms

– Reishi mushrooms

– Chaga mushrooms

Alright, hope this has inspired some deeper reading and research on what is an essential for the rigours of modern living.

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