Cheap Eat Nutrition Recipes # 3 – quick, easy and on a budget – Banna Pancakes & Blueberry Sauce 

Another free recipe idea that’s cheap, simple and nutritious? Why yes I hear you cry.

Alrighty, so here is a simple gluten free alternative to those amazing home cooked pancakes that *insert family member/friend* used to make. 


Pancakes – 
(Serves 2)

– 2 bananas 

– 4 eggs 

– 1 tsp spoon of coconut oil

– 1/2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

Berry compote –

– cup of frozen or fresh berries (I prefer blue berries and strawberries but whatever tickles your fancy)

– splash of water (2 splashes if berries are fresh)


1. Put berries into a saucepan with water, cover and place on a low to medium heat.

2. Blend eggs, bananas & bicarbonate of soda together until smooth with no lumps.

3. Heat half of coconut oil on low to medium heat in a frying pan. When heated, pour saucer sized portion into frying pan.

4. When bubbles start to come through, flip edge of pancake. If brown, either fully flip or roll pancakes up. 

5. If flipped allow few minutes to heat other side (banana pancakes will cook much quicker). Remove, add more coconut oil and repeat.

6. Take off berries from heat and mash with potato masher, pour content into jug.

7. Now serve with a little honey, or my fave, cinnamon to sweeten – Boom! 🤘

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