Week in review # 3 Podcasts, fasting and ketones! 

Ok so hopefully you know the drill. Here’s a few things that have been going down for me over the last week. 

What am listening to? – The Mind Diet  podcast – Kyle Kingsbury episode 

Wow this dude just drops absolute knowledge bombs every other sentence. Kyle is an ex UFC Mixed Martial Arts, (MMA) fighter. 5 minutes in and he smashes every predjudice/stereotype/preconceived idea of what someone who fights for a living ‘should’ be like. 
On this podcast Kyle speaks about the use of CPD oils to deal with inflammation in the body, use of phycodelics to gain spiritual enlightenment and his own podcasting future. This is a good one but I’d highly recommend checking out the numerous other podcasts he appears on from joe rogan to living la viva low carb with famed keto advocate; Jimmie Moore.

What am I supplement with? 
Bulletproof High Octane MCT oil in my morning bulletproof coffee. As many will know the famed ‘bulletproof’ coffee consists of black coffee with a healthy slab of grass fed butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oils that are prevalent in coconut oil. 
Now the finer points of why bulletproof coffee is a good addition to your morning routine are for another post, but bulletproof’s high octane oil has been quite the addition in place of pure coconut oil. I’ve experimented with between 1 and 2 caps full and have found it to really improve my mental clarity when combined with morning fasting. 

What I’ve been trying out?

Intermittent fasting. After a successful 7 or 8 months going low carb/high fat, and having my interests peaked in fasting from the likes of Dr Dom Dagonstini, Jimmie Moore, Mark Sisson and Kyle Kingsbury, I decided to start my fasting experiment with with eating in compressed eating windows. 
As I have also been training for a Mauy Thai fight, I’ve been conscious of both cutting weight while retaining muscle and of course, still having enough in the tank for a hard workout. So I’ve not attempted anything to dramatic as yet. I’ve not gone past doing two days a week where I will hold off breakfast until around 1pm. This has meant about a 14 hour fast, aside from water and the bulletproof coffee with brain octane oil. 
Fasting is reportedly particularly good for your gut microbe colonies, acting to both kill of the less active and encourage growth of powerful new ones. Fasting also further enhances the body’s production ketones, which act as both a fuel source and neural protector. 
Ketones and the Ketogenic diet are getting a lot of press lately due to their healing qualities. Historically the diets have been used for children suffering with epilepsy as its served to reduce seizures. Within recent years however the diet has gained traction with endurance athletes. This, in short, is primarily due to the diet excelaraiting the body’s production of ketones. 
Ketones can be used as fuel source by the body and are produced by the liver. Adapting the body to choose ketones over the easier to access glucose that comes from a diet high in carbohydrates, requires the body to consume a diet extremely high in fat. It’s a fascinating (well, for those without active social life’s like me), bit of body mechanics that is far beyond my expertise to give it the justice it deserves in a summary explanation. 
So, in short I’ve covered a bit of ground with this one without even really scratching the surface proper on gut health and/or ketosis. Please leave a comment if to tell me what you reckon, what you got to add and if you want to hear more! 

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