Cheap eat nutrition # 4 Paleo/Gluten Free/low carb/high (healthy) fat – quick, easy and on a budget

Jerk Burgers & Squash Chunky Fries
Welcome back y’all! As ever, I’m going to try and bring you something damn healthy which can be made damn cheaply. Today, there’s a simple concept, have a cheat meal or comfort food, whatever you want to term it, but make it yourself at home! Today’s menu doesn’t come much more comforting, here we have homemade jerk burgers & squash chunky fries. 
If buying a jerk spice, check the ingredient list. If it includes chemical sounding names and numbers in the list, pass and make your own. Sainsburys do a nice cheap own brand one. 
Squash fries over potato as squash is not a starchy carbohydrate and will not spike the blood sugars in the same way as the bog standard potatoes.


(Serves 2 and probably a burger or 2 left for lunch the next day!)
– 1 medium squash 

– 1 500g pack of beef mince 

– 1 egg

– saturated fat such as goose fat or coconut oil (this is because these saturated fats a far more stable under high heats)

– 1 tble spoon of jerk spice or 1 tsp of chilli flakes, 1 tsp of cinnamon & 1 tsp of paprika 

– salt & pepper

– half an onion diced
– 3 cloves of fresh garlic 

– feta cheese cubed 

1. (if you choose to add), onion and garlic heated gently in pan till translucent and place to one side 
2. Cut up squash into ruff chunks, leaving the skin on. Place in a heat proof pan and liberally poor over oil/fat (I’ve found that using the goose fat gives a great flavour!). 
3. Ensuring all the chunks of squash are covered in oil, place the pan on a medium to high heat for around 30 minutes (or until they start to look crispy). 
4. While squash is cooking, place meet, spices, salt, pepper, (onions & garlic if done so) and egg in bowl and get your hands, giving it a a real good mix together. Now, if your super organised, do this the night or morning before you plan to cook. Cover the meet with cling film and leave in fridge. This will give the spices a real good chance to marinate the meat, massively adding to the flavour. 
4. Shape palm sized patties and, if chosen to add, place a small cube sized piece of feta in the middle of each patty. 
5. Heat 1 tble spoon of oil/fat on medium setting in frying pan. Place patties in pan and cook each side for 3/4 minutes, checking with knife that the parties are cooked through.
6. Serve burgers in lettuce leaves with chopped avocado and sliced tomato & cheese of your liking! 👌😘

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