Cheap eat nutrition # 7 Paleo/Gluten Free/low carb/high (healthy) fat – quick, easy and on a budget – Chocolate Nut Butter 

Hey there people, welcome back to another recipe from , the food blog that looks to bring simple and affordable nutritious meals and recipes. 

I won’t continue to bang the drum too long about this but these recipes aim to reduce the amount of sugar and rancid industrialised oils that are in the modern diet. 
By reducing your intake of these nasties, we hope to both reduce inflammation in the body (which causes havoc from the brain to the bladder and literally everything in between). This in turn will give you energy and reduce food cravings for sugary treats! 

Ok ok, I’ll crack on with it. So this weeks recipe is a particular fave of mine, nut butters. These butters can be added to anything for a hit of healthy fats and protein as well as making a mighty fine snack in their own right.

I’m not going to specify which nuts to use but I’ve experimented from Brazil nuts to cashews. My personal fave is mixed nuts with unsweetened raw cocoa powder, it’s pretty damn moorish I must say!

I’ll give recipes below for generic nut butters and chocolate nut better.


– Blender/food processor 

– 150/200g nuts of choosing 

– 2 tble spoons of coconut oil

– a quarter/third a cup of water 

(For chocolate nut butter)

– 1/2 heaped tble spoons of unsweetened coca powder

– 1 tble spoon of date syrup of maple syrup. This is to balance the bitterness of the unsweetened cocoa powder, if adding sweetened powder


– blend nuts roughly so they are not completely smooth 
– For crunchy butter, remove 2 tble spoons of the nuts and place to one side

– For smooth nut butter, blend fall contents until completely smooth

– Melt coconut oil in pan and add to mix

– Add cocoa powder and sweater if desired 

– Start to add the water slowly 

– Mix together, stopping to scrape the sides. Continue to add water and mix until desired consistency is met

– Spoon content into jar and either eat straight off or allow to chill 

And there you go! Cheap, easy, simple. Also, a pretty mighty fine compliment to banana pancakes which can found a couple of recipes back.. 👊😎😘

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