Week in Review #4 – The Art of Learning & Aligning myself.. 

Haven’t done one of these in a while so thought I’d share what have been a couple gems for me from the last week or so..
What am I listening to?
The Align Podcast. This podcast is the brain child of Aaron Alexander. Aaron is also the founder and owner of Align Therapy, and proponent of nutrition, functional movement and therapy.
I had never heard of the guy until I noticed he had had Kyle Kingsbury, (retired MMA/UFC fighter), on a recent show. 
I’ll be honest, I can find the “functional/primal/paleo movement” scene a tad cringe (although I subscribe to a lot of it!) but as a big fan of Klye, I tuned in.
Aaron is actually a really funny and likeable guy, who clearly doesn’t take himself to seriously. So I decided to check the back catalogue of episodes.. Wow! Literally a whose who from the cutting edge of nutrition, functional medicine, strength training and bio-hacking.
I’ve since tuned Ito to old episodes from Paul Chek, Grace Liu and Mark Sisson. It’s well worth a little look. 
What am I reading?
The art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin. I was introduced to Josh’s perspectives and insights into learning and the world through his incredibly enjoyable podcasts on Tim Ferris.
Josh is a former chess prodigy, Tai Chi push hands world champion and co-owner of Marcelo Garcia’s New York BJJ academy. 
I’m about half way through the book, and it is giving a fascinating look into Josh’s perspectives on learning, approaches to challenge and insights into his self development and self awareness. 
Check out Josh on his various Ferris podcasts also for plenty of learning gems. 

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