Cheap Eat Nutrition # 13 – low carb/paleo/keto/gluten free and affordably inspired – Paleo Pesto

Warm welcome back one and all to another cheap, nutritious and simple recipe! 

Today we have paleo pesto, the perfect accompaniment mixed with anything from scrambled eggs to steamed kale. 

Alrighty, this one is mega simple but will require a food processor or blender. Anyways, prepare yourself for a small shopping list.

– Half cup of Macadamia nuts (any buy or mixed nuts will do but the macadamias have the most favourable fat profile)

– One bunch of fresh coriander, rinsed 

– One clove of garlic 

– Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil

– Sea salt & black pepper 


– Chop garlic and place in mixer

– Add nuts 

– Chop coriander and add with other ingredients 

– Drizzle oil and blend all ingredients together 

– Add sea salt & pepper for preferred flavour 

– Serve as a side with prawns or mixed with cubed meats, courghetti or even scrambled eggs

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