Cheap Eat Nutrition # 16 – low carb/paleo/keto/gluten free and affordably inspired – Rhubarb & Apple Paleo Crumble

So we have a pretty amazing alternative to the classic crumble today that although very simple, will impress anyone who tries it! 

As ever, the cheap eat nutrition recipes are grounded in bringing quality, tasty, simple and inexpensive alternatives that can be done by anyone. 

So although I’ve detailed the apple and rhubarb mix, please do experiment with different berries and fruits to find your ultimate combo.

Cook time:30 Minutes

Total time:45 Minutes

 Serves: 4

4-5 large Apples

3-4 Stems Rhubarb

1 & 1/2 cups of blueberries (optional)

1 tsp. Cinnamon

1 tsp. Lemon juice 

For the crumble topping:

1 cup almond flour

2 Tbsp coconut flour

¼ Cup Honey

1 tsp cinnamon

4 Tbsp Coconut oil

Nuts if you prefer an extra crunch (I’d strongly recommend this addition!) 


Preheat an oven to 180°C (350°F)

Chop the apple into large chunks and place into a saucepan.

If using blueberries also, place on top of apples. 

Chop the rhubarb into 5cm (2 in) pieces and place onto the top of the apples

Add the lemon & cinnamon

Place the pot over the stove and cook for 5-15 minutes or until the apples have softened.

Crumble – 
Place all the topping ingredients in a bowl (Almond flour, coconut flour, honey, cinnamon, coconut oil)

If using nuts, roughly chop and add to mixture 

Using your fingers mix the ingredients until they resemble a crumbly mix.                                             
Aaaand Finally – 
Place the apple & rhubarb mix into an large oven pan and spread out evenly 

Place the topping onto the top of the apple mix using the back of a spoon or spatula 

Place in the oven and cook for about 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Serve & Enjoy (with either coconut & blueberry sorbet or mango, coconut & chocolate chip dairy free ice cream – check cheap recipes 10 and 15 for both recipes!)

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