Cheap Eat Nutrition # 20 – nutritious whole foods/gluten free and affordably inspired – Slow Carb Homous 

Welcome back to cheap eat nutrition recipes, tasty, nutritious and affordable food choices for everyone.

So we’re breaking away from the usual low carb theme today by adding chickpeas into the mix as today’s recipe is Humous. 

Chickpeas are known as slow carbohydrates, or ‘carbs’. Foods with a low glycemic index are considered slow carbs, which include most vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, peas and legumes. Slow carbs also tend to be higher in fiber, an important but often lacking nutrient. Chickpeas are also a good source of protein, vitamin B – 6, Iron and Magnesium. 

Chickpeas are quite high in carbohydrates and calories but also full of dietary fibre. They are a quite easy to pig out on a tad but are a really good option if your planning a heavy workout or sporting activity the following day. Saying that, it’s also just a pretty damn tasty a compliment to just about any meal!


– 1 tin of chickpeas (drained)

– Half a lemon 

– 2 tble spoons of White tahini

– 3 tble spoons of extra virgin olive oil

– 1/3 a cup of water 

– Salt & pepper for flavour


– Drain chickpeas, place in blender with water and blend until smooth

– Add tahini, extra virgin oil and squeeze in lemon juice

– Add salt & pepper to personal taste

– Blend all ingredients, scoop out and serve

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