The Genius Foods & how to remember them

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Today’s hack is two for the price of one! Firstly, I’m going to introduce you to the food list presented in Mr Max Lugavere’s New York Time’s best selling book; Genius Foods. Secondly, I’m going to show you a super simple way to remember these foods, a technique (and the actual example given) by memory extrodinare, Jim Kwick.

Max’s book is focused on what food to get into your diet to best promote your cognitive functioning whilst also highlighting what to avoid to ensure protecting it from decline. This really is a passion project for Max as his mother was sadly diagnosed with a form of neuro degenerative disease.

Although this post will present the essential food list, it won’t discuss what else can be done to avoid neuro-decline, so do your swede a fave, and treat yourself to the book.

So, first the food list;

1. Avocados

2. Blue berries

3. Broccoli

4. Extra virgin olive oil

5. Wild Salmon

6. Eggs

7. Leafy greens

8. Grass fed beef

9. Almonds coming

10. Dark chocolate

Next, how to remember. Right, so I’m gona need your imagination on this one. Jim created this imagery specifically for the 10 super brain foods. So his theory goes, the key with memory is being able to directly link the word/what your memorising, with an image. The more out of the ordinary the image is, the more likely it’ll stick.

So your going to visualise in the this order, the following body parts; Head/Nose/Mouth/Ears/Larynx/Collar/Shoulders/Fingers/Belly button/Seat (Bum).

Firstly, I want you to think of a human head, any human head. This is where we begin. This will all become clearer shortly. We will go through step by step and I want you to associate the image with food. Spend a little time on each step really visualising the image –

1. Avacados – guacamole being mixed in/on top of your your head

2. Blue berries – popping out your nose

3. Broccoli – coming in your mouth

4. Extra virgin olive oil – being used to wash your ears

5. Wild Salmon – lying around your collar

6. Eggs – placed in your larynx (adam’s apple)

7. Leafy greens – coming out your shoulders

8. Grass fed beef – for fingers or in your hands (Jim gave grass fed beef hot dogs for fingers as an example!)

9. Almonds – popping one by one out of your belly button

10. Dark chocolate and your seat, (be as creative as you will hear..)

Okay then, there you have it and hopefully you have some creative visuals going around in your head! Till next time.

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