Nut Butter Energy Bars

Today’s recipe makes for the perfect mid morning or mid afternoon snack. It’s higher in fat than carbohydrates, so a great option if you’re having a lower intensity exercise day. There’s bars are all a good source of protein, with is a daily essential whether you’re exercising or not!


– 170g almond or peanut butter

– 45ml honey

– 1/2 tsp almond or vanilla extract

– 100g oats

– 30g whey protein

– 25g raisins


– Place nut butter in a microwaveable bowl, add honey and microwave until runny consistency and mixture can be easily stirred together

– Add extract and stir into mixture

– In separate bowl, combine all dry ingredients together

– Add nut butter mixture to dry mixture and thoroughly mix together

– Take a glass or china baking dish. Grease the bottom and sides with a small amount of coconut oil or butter/margarine

– Add the contents to the dish and press down the mixture as tightly and flat as possible. Consider using a rolling pin if needed

– Place mixture into the fridge for 30 minutes and remove. Slice up into equal squares and remove with a spatula.

– Enjoy with a cup of tea and keep the rest of the bars in the fridge

Total calories: 1826kcal total mixture so cut your bars to desired size and calculate the calories accordingly

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